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Property Management and How a Virtual Assistant can Help You Save Time Daily.

Property by the sea
Property Management

Spent your time where it is needed

With property management there comes a whole variety of time-consuming tasks. From checking out new tenants and gaining references to responding to tenant questions and complaints and scheduling in house repairs when things go wrong. There is then marketing your property and chasing rent arrears. 

I think you can now see how time-consuming property management truly is and that is where a virtual assistant like myself can help you. 

By hiring me as your virtual assistant will mean you can pass on those mundane tasks that stack up each week and free up the hours each day those tasks take and you can focus on growing your business.

Remember that no one can run a successful business completely on their own and with Spiral Orange Business Solutions you don’t have to. 

Admin Support

One of the most common tasks that come in is email management. If you are fed-up of managing a constant flow of emails coming in daily from tenants, contractors, accountants etc. or your calendar needs regular updates with contractors attending properties, tenant viewings, checking rents are paid on certain dates etc. and your voicemails never get checked you can pass all this on to me and I will manage it all for you, therefore freeing up a lot of your time that can be spent on growing your business or on having a personal life. 

I have been a VA for 8 years and before that I was a PA for large corporate firms in London for 9 years where I built up experience in inbox management, scheduling meetings and appointments, travel booking, event planning, research, document formatting, data entry, bookkeeping and marketing activities such as creating online content and creating and updating websites.

Social Media and Marketing

Many of my clients, including property managers, use social media to advertise their properties. Most of your prospective tenants will be online searching through a wide range of property sites, which each require you to upload a compelling advert with all the relevant information.

To ensure that you keep your social media and website up to date and relevant can take up a lot of your time. Therefore, it tends to be one of those tasks that many people let slip and over time their properties suffer as their ranking online drops and so does the number of views they get from potential tenants.

I can help. I am qualified in business and marketing and constantly keep up to date on the latest online trends. I will look at the platforms that are best for promoting your business and write engaging content and create visuals that will attract attention. By having my help your social media and website, plus external websites will all be updated at regular intervals and over time you will start to see your online ranking rise and the number of people finding your properties online will increase too.

Rent Payments - Paid

One of the toughest jobs in property management is chasing late rent payments. Over the years I have learnt the skills to keep track of which tenants have paid and which ones have not. I also know the law and can help create late payment templates and if late payments are not paid by a certain time I can start small claims proceedings to ensure that you get the money that you are owed. 


As with all business’s referrals are important for property investors. To get across to people what you do and how you can help them I can write and design a pitch which will explain exactly what you do.

So, please feel free to get in touch with me via LinkedIn or my website:

and let's get you some hours in the day back to concentrate on the most important aspects of your life and business.


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