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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

At Spiral Orange we are here to ensure that your business gets noticed online. To do this you need to ensure that you are using the latest Digital Marketing strategies from a well-designed and written website to a social media presence that ensures you are reaching your target audience, this may mean that we tie in your social presence with newsletters and regular email marketing to boost your visibility to your ideal customers.


Many businesses large and small are now seeing the benefits of social media marketing, with its ability to make your business visible to a wider audience, it is cost-effective and gives you direct communication with your customers. 

Social media may be low-cost and a great tool, but it does take time and effort to do your social media from creating posts to monitoring, plus build up your profiles and create a targeted audience. Also, don't be made to think you don't need a website and that you can purely rely on social media, as this can be a risky strategy. Remember, you own your website, but you don't own the social media platforms, so if they go down so does your business's online visibility. Websites are also brilliant for having your own creative space to showcase your services, testimonials and work portfolio, plus prices. You can then link back to your website on your socials, newsletters and email campaigns. 

If you are unsure of social media tools and feel bombarded by all the different sites and what they offer, or just don't have the time to commit to building up your online profiles, we are here to help. 

We can help build up your business profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube TicTok and Instagram, along with any other platforms that you would like your business to be visible on. 

There is more to Digital Advertising than just social media. You will also find that we work with a range of clients on a variety of Online Marketing techniques from blog writing and creating email marketing content to social media and Google ads. If you have a website content is king and you need your audience to see that you have a strong knowledge of your industry and a good grasp on new developments. This is where blogging comes into its own, as a regular blog post not only helps share your knowledge and build up a rapport with potential clients but also helps with your website SEO. 

By letting us take care of your online presence you can spend your time on what is important, running your business.

  • Creating content that resonates with your audience (5 posts written and visual graphics for posts) - £99 (1 platform) 

  • 2.5 hours per week of monitoring and profile building - £49.99 (1 platform) 

  • For a bespoke multi-platform package head over to the contact form and send me a message.



  • Optimise your LinkedIn Profile -Summary Rewrite - Banner creation, New Avatar and ensure all information is visible and engaging. £99.00 

  • Optimise your Meta Profiles - Facebook & Instagram - Banner creation, New Avatar and ensure all information is visible and engaging. £125.00

  • Prices from £199.00 - Get in touch for a full quote based on your exact website needs.



  • Banners that will stand out and show potential customers how you can help them. £59.00


  • Newsletters £49.00

  • Prices from £99.00 - Get in touch for a quote based on your business needs.


  • An in-depth marketing plan is created visually to ensure that you have a strategic strategy in place and meet your monthly marketing targets. Prices from £99.00

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