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What is a Virtual Assistant?
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People often ask if they can afford to work with a Virtual Assistant and as it is still seen as out of the norm which it isn't. We work in an office at home from 9.00 am-5.00 pm and have all the usual tech that you would find in any office, but we are more flexible. You can work with us from an hour a week to a more full-time arrangement. we are here to work around whatever works best for you. 

Below I have listed some answers to a few questions that I am frequently asked..


  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
    As Virtual Assistants (VAs) we work on a self-employed professional basis helping small to medium-sized businesses with administrative and marketing tasks, from a remote location. Our clients, to mention just a few, are small to medium-sized property investors, landlords, estate agents, website designers, tech entrepreneurs, green energy suppliers and food producers.  

  • What kind of services do we provide?
    Whatever you need we are here to help! As VAs we work with our clients to help with their admin, content writing and their marketing too! We specialise in marketing, content writing, SEO and proofreading and always bring our professional expertise to the table, as a qualified Marketing professional.  I offer most services that an Office Administrator or Personal Assistant can perform, just from a remote basis, therefore, saving you on the cost of providing an office set-up, pension, insurance etc. To find out how we can support your business please take a look at the services that we provide on our 'Services' tab.

  • How do I work with a Virtual Assistant?
    With all the technology and apps available today it makes working remotely so much easier. There is an app for everything and we work with a variety of software which makes working online easy for everyone, even if you are a technophobe. Some of the apps we use are Dropbox and Google Drive for file sharing, Microsoft Office, Google Docs for document creation, Asana for Project Management and for communication we use Skype and Zoom for free face to face meetings. We are also happy to use any software or apps that you recommend.

  • We are based in Norfolk and Sussex, but we work with businesses from across the UK and even across the globe.

  • Why do I need a VA?
    A Virtual Assistant can save you two of your most precious resources: time and money. As a business owner, you should be focused on your products or services and growing your business, not worrying about day to day administrative chores. A VA can take care of the paperwork, handle bookkeeping, provide customer service, organise your inbox, update your website, make travel arrangements, proofread your blog, help with marketing and manage your schedule.

  • How much does it cost?  For standard Virtual Assistant services, I charge an hourly rate, please enquire to find out our current rate. I use an app called Toggl to digitally track my time which is spent working on your tasks and you receive a full report with your monthly invoice.  Hiring a VA is a cost-effective way of getting your administration and marketing done. We tend to be a cost-effective solution compared to taking on a  permanent employee with all the costs that can entail i.e. office space costs, pensions, holiday pay etc. When you work with us you only pay for the actual time we spend working on your tasks.

  • Do we need to have a contract in place?
    After we agree that we will work together on a project or on an ongoing basis a Welcome Pack will be sent out to you which will discuss our working relationship and what was agreed. This will include our T&C’s and a Service Agreement. 

  • I Would like to work with a Virtual PA, what do I do to set things in motion?
    Contact us and we will arrange a video call or a phone call, whatever works best for you and we will chat through how we set things up so we can easily share work and communicate.


Hopefully, this page has answered any questions you may have had. If there are still some things you aren't sure about and would like to have a chat please contact us and we can talk through any further questions you have.

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