About Us...

Emma Gordon

Founder & Senior Virtual Assistant 

Hello, I'm Emma, a Virtual Assistant with over 20 years of experience in administration and copywriting.

Virtual Assistant
After finishing my Business and Marketing qualifications I worked in London for the energy sector, as a Document Controller and then a PA to the Project Directors. After taking a leap of faith and starting up my own business I saw how working with people, just like you, as a Virtual PA, took the strain off of running a small business. 

I understand that running a business is tough and it can take over your life, taking you away from your loved ones and making it hard to do the things you enjoy in life.

Specialising in property management and copywriting. You will find myself to have written countless CVs, LinkedIn profiles, websites, blogs, newsletters and marketing copy to help people like you get ahead and make their goals a reality. 

When you work with a Virtual Assistant you want to know they are reliable, organised and will make your life easier, plus give you time to do the things that you enjoy and boost your profits too. My priority is to ensure you are listened to and that stack of paperwork and copywriting you never have the time to do gets done!


How you can easily work with us...

As Virtual Assistants, you can be based anywhere in the world and still work with us as easily as if we were in the same office.


Your work will either be carried out by Emma, our Head V.A., or one of our other highly skilled and friendly team members.


You will work with us on a freelance basis, so you don't need to worry about insurance, employee pensions, or providing us with office equipment. All you have to do is send the work over to us. 


Helping you and your business is what we are here to do. So, if you require a Virtual Personal Assistant to work on your administration, property management, and copywriting, get in touch. We will happily sign a confidentiality agreement if you require one. 


Spiral Orange Business Solutions also provides a professional Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) writing service, so if yours is holding you back, please feel free to get in touch with us.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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