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How to write content that creates a buzz

Writing online content that gets noticed

I’ve thought in the past is it worth the headache of obsessing over how to start and end B2B written content. It doesn’t matter if it is email content or content for a website or blog, does it really matter how outrageous or dragged out your content is?

The answer is, of course it does. You need to pack a punch and address the reader in a way that feels direct and personal. One way of doing this is using the word ‘you’ to make a connection with your reader. By using ‘you’ it feels like you are talking directly to your reader, it is personal and cuts to the point.

Another way to make your content jump out is by having active verbs. These buzz words can be used throughout your content and will give your readers the feeling that they are doing something positive.

The first thing your reader will see is the headline or title so take the last two points and ensure it packs a punch with active buzzwords and has a personal approach. It is also a good idea to use numbers in a title to help it stand out or tell people that you are about to inform them of something BIG, like a secret or tell them something that they ought to know.

Remember the power of visual content. Don’t use words where a picture could say a 1000 words. Images create a connection, feeling and emotion. It is known that content with visuals has more impact than just written content alone.

Humour is also a compelling way to catch a reader’s attention. If you share humour it will stay with the reader and they will remember your post because it made them smile.

Knock your readers out with writing that is not only fact filled, but fast paced, action filled and colourful. Draw people in and think carefully about how you will sign off, as you want people to remember what you have written and for it to stay with them for a while and for them to hit the

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