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Ways that a Virtual Assistant can help you!

When I started up my Virtual Assistant business, which is based in the UK, many people I knew or interacted with online asked me ‘What is a Virtual Assistant?’ Now the burning question is ‘How can your Virtual Assistants help my business?’ The answer is simple; we can help in a variety of ways depending on your business needs and because we are virtual you don’t need to be in the UK, as we have worked with clients from London to New York and New Zealand.

We understand that like individuals every business is different. Some business owners struggle to keep on top of their administration, while others need help with invoicing, writing blog articles and updating their social media posts.

Below are some pointers to the tasks that we regularly help business owners with. This list is by no way exhaustive but will give you an idea of the tasks that we can help you with.

Property Management

  • Proofreading contracts and ensure they are promptly signed by tenants. This can be electronically done or in paper form.

  • Ensure that deposits and monthly rents are paid on time.

  • Deal with tenant queries.

  • Contact contractor like plumbers and electricians when problems occur and get quotes and the problem within the property fixed.

  • Ensure gas and electrical safety certificates are issued to each property and if required HMO license too.

  • Pay invoices from contractors and company bills.

  • Purchase appliances and soft furnishings for properties.

  • Liaise with letting agents who may be managing properties.

  • Make updates to websites and market properties.


  • Require professional business templates, but haven't got the time to design and write the content. Let us know your requirements and we will do the rest.

  • Business cards from new prospects/clients you've received over a period of time via networking events. We can enter the vital information into a database, then create a follow-up letter.

  • Do you have a daily routine of filling out paperwork? Give us the information and we will do it for you.

  • Is there random paperwork on your desk? Send it over to us via email or post and we can get your paperwork organised and ready for filing.

  • Are you forgetting important dates and meetings? Hand over your diary management to us and we will input all important dates and make sure all your appointments are put in your diary then email, text or call you with your appointments for the next day.

Lifestyle Management

  • Have you got a hectic life and need some help each week organising paperwork, invoices, booking family appointments etc.?

  • Are you forgetting important birthdays, family events, meetings?

  • Handover your household paperwork, diary and chores to us. We can manage your diary, sort through your paperwork, take calls, create you some "me time", book appointments for all the family, arrange travel and holidays, research topics, deal with household bills, buy gifts and organise events etc.

Content Writing


  • Do you need well-written content for your website, blogs, press releases or email marketing campaigns? We can help, by getting to know you and your business and write tailored, SEO friendly, original content for your marketing efforts.

  • Have you taken notes at an important meeting and need them typed up? Email your rough notes to us to type up.

  • You need to send some urgent business letters. Email over your handwritten notes or you could dictate them over the phone for us to type for you. We will then email them for your approval, print them on your professional stationary, then post them for you.

  • Need a report written from notes that you have taken? Email them to us and we will write and produce the report for you.

Social Media

  • We can do the research to see when your potential clients are online and find groups relating to your industry, you can then join and partake in discussions. We can also communicate on your social media accounts. Through interacting and replying to questions on these sites you will get established as an expert in your field.

  • Want to write a blog but haven't got the time? We can talk through ideas and update your blog on a regular basis. We can follow other blogs and forums that would be of interest to your industry and suggests updates and posts to help create a positive visibility online.

  • Are you concerned that social media is too time-consuming? Maybe you haven't the time to regularly check your pages. Our VA's can set up a web service that enables you to post to multiple social networks simultaneously.

Organising your email

  • Are you a frequent traveller and fed up coming back to a stack of mail and missing important information? You can forward your post to our PO box where we can retrieve then review your post and get urgent items to you for your response and forward all non-urgent correspondence to your home or office address or we can email them to you.

  • Orders are coming into your website that you can't keep up with. E-mail us the information and we can prepare paperwork and also deal with postage.

  • Struggling to keep up with the volume of e-mails coming in and missing important information. Hand over the task to us and we will set up a general e-mail account where we can retrieve e-mail, sort through, respond to requests, and forwards important emails to you personally.

At Spiral Orange Business Solutions, we work to take the pressure off you. We have ad-hoc rates, if you need a job done or if you need help regularly there are our 'Free Your Time' plans -

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