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'Tis' The Season To Boost Your Website Ranking

Improve your Google Analytics

It takes a lot of hard work, skill and at times a bit of luck to get your website ranking on Google and other search engines.

But if you want to boost your position on Google and it's competitors search engines we have 5 top tips to help you achieve this and get your website ranking higher in 2020.

1. Make sure your website is easy to navigate. You can create a great marketing campaign , but if your website is difficult to navigate it will affect how Google rank you, as they will find it harder to crawl your site, therefore it won't rank as high as it could.

Tip: To improve navigation you need to have clickable links and ensure all your clickable images have ALT tags.

2. Is your content written for voice search? With around 55% of teenagers and 41% of adults now using voice search instead of trying to type info into search engines.

Tip: To ensure that your content is noticed in voice searches you need to make it conversational and think about what people would say when searching for your website and services.

Great SEO

3. Link building is still important, especially for local searches. Look at getting your website listed on local and national business directories like Yell, Scoot and Thomson Local. Make sure every listing has identical information and that you include your website, business name, services and phone number. By providing this information consistently it will improve your website ranking.

Tip: Look at creating business pages on Google and Bing. These websites are trusted and people can leave reviews and find out where you are based by the maps provided.

4. Make sure your meta descriptions are unique and interesting enough to get people clicking on them.

Tip: The optimal length for a meta description is between 60 and 160 characters. Within these characters your link needs to provide value to drive traffic to your page.

5. Let Google know what each of your website pages is about. This will help Google gain an insight into your pages and understand your content. The more Google understands what your content is about the higher you will rank.

Tips: Have descriptive headers, sub-headers and snippets. Snippets are the content preview for the page. These are the brief descriptions of what a websites content contains that you see when you search for something.

I really hope that these tips help you improve your website ranking and if you want some further free info to help with your link building, please click here for our list of the 25 best directories to link with in the UK:

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