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4 reasons why you should hire a professional CV writer.

Why should I pay to have my CV professionally written? This is a question that I am frequently asked and the answer is that by having someone who knows what recruiters are looking for and has researched writing methods, formats and has an excellent grasp on the English language all helps to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.

My first job after gaining my business qualifications was in an HR department of an Oil and Gas company. When I started there, one of my tasks was to go through all the CVs that came in and check through them and put them either in the ‘To Interview’ pile or the dreaded ‘Reject’ pile. Through my time working here I got to understand exactly what was needed within a CV to help it stand out and go in the ‘To Interview’ pile instead of the pile none of us wants our CV to end up in.

To give your CV the best chance of getting noticed I will give your existing CV a complete overhaul and ensure that the following is done.

  • Re-write your CV in the first-person narrative;

  • Write a summary that shows your professional personality, skills, achievements and why they should employ you;

  • Eliminate all spelling and grammar errors;

  • Format it professionally to ensure that your CV looks smart and stands out from the crowd.

I can also do all the above for your LinkedIn profile. I’ll write you a summary that uses search engine optimised keywords, so that you are easily searchable online, ensure your profile is complete and looking professional.

With your CV and LinkedIn profile looking the part and you now feel confident to apply for that job you have had your eye on, all you need is a personalised cover letter. I can be of assistance here too. If you need a personalised job specific cover letter or a more generic one,

I can write you a cover letter that will match the professionalism of your CV and LinkedIn profile.

To see what my clients say about my CV writing service check out my website and

People Per Hour profile:

Please feel free to get in touch if you are looking for a new job and want to find out more about how I can help you move forward in your career.

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