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Are you a small business struggling to get a digital marketing presence?

Digital Marketing

It might surprise you to hear that some of Britain’s smallest firms lack the money, time and the skill set to get their business online. As of the end of 2016, only 38 percent of micro businesses in the UK had a web presence. This means that businesses with fewer than 9 employees are struggling to grow their business in the modern age.

With micro businesses worth a staggering £763 billion to the UK economy it is vital that they are encouraged to flourish and grow. By ensuring that all small businesses have the means that they need to market themselves in the digital age, this will not only help the businesses in question but will also help the economy to flourish too.

It isn’t that these businesses are ignoring the fact that a business with a web presence will grow faster than one that hasn’t, it is just the fact that many business people openly admit to lacking the digital skills to get them online and they don’t have the money to pay an expensive web agency to create them a web presence. There is then the time that it will take them personally to design a website and the upkeep of writing content and updating blogs and social media platforms regularly.

When you run a small business it requires a certain amount of juggling your time and finances. You can be a one-person band having to take on the skills of a whole department of people. You can end up spending any spare time you have learning new skills to try and help your business prosper, but there is only so many hours in the day and only so many jobs that you can do yourself.

With small businesses stating that within two years many are seeing a return on their website, with takings on the up and more clients getting in touch and stating that it was the web presence that pointed them in the businesses direction. Surely this proves that it is worth the time and a little investment to get a wider audience and more business coming your way.

At Spiral Orange we help many small businesses create one and two-page websites at a cost effective price. This gives small businesses a shop window to build on and we write content that is SEO friendly and can even give you some hints and tips on your digital presence.

It needn’t be costly to get your business online and doesn’t need to take up all your spare time either as if you run a business any spare time is scarce and therefore valuable.

If you are struggling to create a website or just don’t have the time to update your content and social media platforms, get in touch for a chat with us.

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