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The Digital Detox Challenge

Technology for business

Do you wake up every morning to an over flowing inbox, which is usually filled up with 50% junk emails from companies you either don’t remember signing up to or didn’t sign up to in the first place? Then there are your messages from people you want to speak to and others that are trying to sell you something, or cold calls that you thought you had blocked. You have all these messages and you already have a headache and you haven’t even got on your many social media pages yet to see what awaits you there.

Technology is great and there are a lot of benefits to it, but sometimes those benefits can become a hindrance. For instance, we are now always contactable via our phones and we always have access to the internet. There is never a time when you can just get away from it all and relax and forget about things. Sometimes technology can just make you want to scream and say ‘Enough with it all’.

Well, if you are like me sometimes you just need to SWITCH OFF from things for a while and put a stop to that constant pinging of your devices and take a step back from technology.

I personally think it is nice to have some time, usually on a Sunday, when we go out and actually speak to each other as a family and are not constantly looking at a screen. I think it is still very important to connect personally with the people around you and be human. It is nice to see people laugh and get a personal reaction to conversations, instead of just a yellow smiley face.

Family time

By taking time away from technology and enjoying yourself or relaxing you will go back to work more refreshed and you won’t get quite so cranky about all that junk that comes through.

I’m not saying you have to switch off for a time each day, but even if you do a digital detox once a week, you will find out how refreshing it can be to claim back some personal time and create some lasting memories that aren’t with a device in your hand.

Set a timetable that suits you, it might be an hour a week or an hour in an evening or maybe even a whole Sunday morning. I do believe if you take up the digital detox challenge you will see the benefits and those around you will too. Give it a try and let us know how you get on.

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