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Get organised to get ahead.

Is your paperwork piling up, do you know what appointments you have lined up for next week and when did you last go through your emails?

Organised office systems

If you aren’t keeping up with these daily tasks just imagine the business you are probably losing through being dis-organised or the image that it projects to your clients.

These are all the things that business owners tell me they just don’t have the time to do and why they take me on as their Virtual Assistant.

Over the years I have been thrown in the deep end many times and I’ve seen the most unorganised electronic filing systems, emails that haven’t been organised or looked at properly in weeks and diaries that have nothing in them.

When a client takes me on to work with them, the first thing I tend to do is give them an assessment of what needs to be done to get their business organised and then the fun starts and the system implementation begins.

With current technology, there is a whole array of systems out there that can help the smallest to the largest of businesses get organised. There’s cloud-based filing, Google Drive, CRM’s, Project Management software, ways to schedule your social media posts and marketing emails, the list goes on. Once you decide on the software to use, you then need to use it to the fullest and in the most organised of ways and this is where I come in.

It is all very well having cloud-based filing systems, CRM’s, Google Drive, Google Doc’s, Project management software, but if you don’t set it up in the proper manner then you won’t get the full potential out of these systems.

In today’s business world, we don’t tend to just work 9-5 anymore, especially if you run your own business. Therefore, you need systems that are mobile and that you can take with you when you are on the go. The systems that I put in place will all be mobile and tablet friendly, so when you are out and about living your life and meeting up with clients you email, diary, documents and accounts and marketing tools are with you at all times.

So if you are fed up of losing emails, having irate clients/customers contact you because their email hasn’t been replied to or you need to get those files in order and your working day more organised, please feel free to contact me anytime for a chat about how I can help you take some of the stress out of the working day.

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