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10 Point Guide To Expand Your Business

Business Expansion

Make 2020 the year that your business expands and flourishes. It is a competitive world, but these 10 ideas that we have tried and tested will help ensure that you succeed in 2020.

  1. Find a business calendar that you will use, even if it is a paper one. Find a system for your business that will help get you organised and focused this year.

  2. To successfully expand your business, you need to look at learning a new skill. Make your new years resolution one of learning. It could be signing up to a webinar or a business conference. You could also look at the wide range of courses available online on websites like Udemy.

  3. Promote your business more and make sure regular posts on social media, blogging and press releases are on your to-do-list.

  4. Join a local networking group or sign-up to a LinkedIn or Facebook business group. By doing this it will spark off new ideas and give you a sounding board for them too. Connecting with new people will also help you expand your business quicker than you may think and give you the business support that you will need!

  5. Looking at what isn’t working and ditch it and move on. Don’t invest your energy into things that are un-workable. Look for new ideas and see what your competitors are doing well, and this may invigorate you to try some new tactics.

  6. Keep the lines of communication open with your employees and clients. By talking regularly, you will be keeping your eye on the ball and hopefully, you can resolve any issues before they become major problems.

  7. Make sure you have some “me time” in 2020. Remember, all work and no play make us all rather dull and stressed out.

  8. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Make sure your new year goals are achievable and that you gain the business support that everyone needs to successfully run and expand a business. Ensure, that one of your goals is to look after your mental, physical and emotional health too.

  9. To expand a business and succeed is tough. Make sure that you have a good group of people around you that will be there to listen and help you when the going gets tough. This is vital, as when the chips are down it is easy to give in. This could be family, friends or you could hire a business mentor. We provide a mentoring service for small businesses, as we understand how tough it can be running your own business.

  10. Use technology to it’s fullest to make running your business as easy as possible. There are so many apps out there to help you organise your time, manage projects and communicate effectively with others.

If you need some help and advice this year to expand your business or know someone who does, please take a look or share our 'Free Your Time' package which starts at £99.00 per month.

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