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How to find and work with a Virtual Assistant

Most small businesses within the UK will reach a point in time when they struggle to do all the daily tasks themselves. There will become just too many tasks to manage on your own on a daily basis, so what do you do?

You can look to work with someone like myself who is a Virtual Assistant. There is a Virtual Assistant for every task these days, so you shouldn’t struggle to find someone to help you, but what you may struggle with is finding someone good and reliable.

Over the years I have had numerous clients come to me after unfortunately having a bad experience with a VA and they have come to me through recommendation. The problem usually has to do with a lack of communication, or the Virtual PA has stated they are skilled in a certain area and then the client finds that isn’t the case.

In my case, I am an Experienced Virtual Assistant who has 20 years' worth of Executive PA expertise under my belt and I specialise in business admin, marketing, and property management for entrepreneurs and property managers, and investors So, if you need tenants chasing up, or property managed, a new website or logo, articles or social posts written up or maybe just some routine admin done, I am your Virtual PA.

So, how do you ensure that you find the right Virtual Assistant for your business needs? It is simple, you need to first:

  • Ask for a CV and recommendations from previous clients, so you can get a feel for their work.

  • For the candidates that have impressed you, you can then ask them to do a short video on Loom (screen recording software) and ask them to tell you why you should work with them. What do they love doing, who are they and what are their best attributes?

  • You then need to have a chat either over the phone or via video call. Write down the questions that are imperative that you ask, and it is good to have a list of key things you are looking for in their answers.

  • Once you have found your ideal Virtual assistant, ask if you can work with them on a 30-day paid trial, just to see how you work together before signing up for a monthly retainer.

Once you start to work with your chosen Virtual Assistant communication will be key. Let your VA know the best way(s) of contacting you and the times when you are available. Your VA should be able to after you are giving them a brief and then ask initial questions to get on with the tasks using their initiative. It is important to set a deadline, so your VA will understand the timeframes for the work to be completed. This will hopefully save you from having to keep chasing people for work.

If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant, please feel free to get in touch and if we aren’t the right match I may know of someone who is. Take a look at my website here:


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