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Is social media worth the time and effort?

If I said on its own social media isn’t worth the effort, would this surprise you?

Many small businesses have this belief that if they spend countless hours on their social media channels churning posts and tweets out, something will stick in people’s minds and ‘hey presto’ their business will suddenly skyrocket and they will make a fortune. I’m afraid to report this very rarely happens.

The people who really do make money and get massive interest in their posts are usually already rich and famous. Celebrities, politicians and famous business names like Alan Sugar and Richard Branson have huge followings online and therefore their posts are seen by 100,000’s if not millions of people. So how do you make the most of your social media platforms, if you haven’t got Alan Sugar or Richard Branson’s followers?

One of the main things that people do wrong is that they don’t integrate their social media with other channels. They put post after post out, but there is no way of people contacting you directly. They look at your post and they pass it by. You need to integrate your other marketing efforts with your social media. If you have a website, use it. Does your website have a contact us page and contact form with your phone number and email address clearly on show? If not, ensure that you create a contact us page and make sure it is clear for potential clients to read. Now when you post on your social media platforms put in a link to your website and direct people to the content on there you want them to read.

On your social media platforms, have you got your contact details on there? If there isn’t room to get everything into your bio, make sure you put a clickable link to your website in. On my LinkedIn profile, I have ensured that my contact details are in my biography. This way people read about me and how I can help them and then at the end is how to contact me for a chat.

It’s common for small businesses to think that using various social media platforms will benefit them, instead of concentrating on one or two that are maybe better suited to your business and audience. It is very important to consider your audience. Who buys your product or uses your service? What social media platforms do they typically use? Some people are more drawn to Twitter and Facebook whereas other people prefer Instagram and Pinterest. Spend time researching these figures and then look at the data and spend time getting the facts clear in your head. Once you have a deeper understanding of social media and where to find your audience go for it.

Now to the big question I get asked many times, what content is most likely to get shared and liked? The best way to find this out is to research what your competitors are posting. Find out what social media accounts your competition is using and look at what is getting the most shares and likes. Don’t copy or share their material, make your own posts, but base the look and feel of your posts on what is getting shared. Maybe it is certain keywords that are jumping out, hashtags that they are using or visuals like pictures and infographics. Look at the type of graphics that are getting attention and look at how you can create this look for your product or service, but make it unique to your business.

Like many marketing tools, social media increases your businesses visibility and when used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, like your website or promotions, it can work very well when you do the research and get your target audience following. You don’t need 100,000’s of followers, you just need the right followers.

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